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A Legacy of Sorrow by Mallory Fox

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

A Legacy of Sorrow is the second book of Mallory Fox's Violent Agenda series. Viola, Jude, Lorcan, Dino, and Dante all make a good splash in this installment, but I definitely feel like the pacing of this part slowed down a lot from our first introduction. We start off where we left off book one, with Viola, the boys, and Saskia starting out at a new school. Viola's still set on taking out her targets on her list, and I had high hopes when we jump right into the action of her chosen profession in the first chapter. Unfortunately, the action slows down quite a bit after that initial hit. This storyline focuses a lot on character and relationship development. Each of the boys has their own issues and agendas in play, so while the pacing of the storyline is slower, there is still a lot to unpack here. There is almost too many players, seemingly with their own things going on. Right about the end, we start to see some of the different pieces converge, so I have high hopes that we with see everything come together more in the third book. V's relationship with each of the three guys really starts to take off here. She's resisted getting too involved with any of them, and this story starts out with the guys declaring V needs to make a choice of which one she is going to be with. But why choose when they each bring something different to the table? Jude is my favorite and the one most like V in a lot of ways. I think they butt heads the most because of their similarities, but I think they will do the most good for each other if they just give their relationship a chance. The storyline ends on a cliffhanger with us about to learn more about V's origins.

Character development: 5/5 Dark elements: 4/5 Steamy scenes: 4/5 Overall storyline: 4.5/5 Triggers: Yes, indeed

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