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A Promise of Torment by Mallory Fox

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

A Promise of Torment is the third book in Mallory Fox's A Violent Agenda series. We pick back up where we left Viola off last, attempting to escape a couple of her father's lackeys with the help of Dante, her mysterious mentor.

Viola's overall character development is well done in this book. We finally get a better picture of how she was raised and how she fits in with The Organization. We get a better idea of her parents. I think this book, with the overall storyline and action occurring, help make Viola more of a person than this elusive serial killer that she has been up to now. Don't get me wrong, she's still the cold-hearted killer we've come to know and love, but she becomes more ingratiated, more dependent, on her harem in some ways. Her relationship with the guys in the harem is evolving, and I personally think it's for the better.

This book is somewhat tamer than the first two installments. Rather than focusing on the jobs that we became privy to in books one and two, the focus is much more on Viola's family, specifically her father's ongoing plans for her. We get somewhat limited on-page gore. Unfortunately, Jude's presence is all off-page, and that was sad. The cliffhanger of an ending gives me high hopes for the next book, however!

Character development: 5/5

Dark elements: 4/5

Steamy scenes: 4/5

Overall storyline: 4/5

Triggers: Yes, indeed - torture, murder, kidnapping, abuse. This series is just cray cray all around.

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