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Purgatory by KL Taylor-Lane

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Purgatory by KL Taylor-Lane is the first installment of the Swallows and Psychos trilogy. Murder, mayhem, and mafia vibes, oh my! This book follows the Swallow family crime syndicate, and the cliffhanger has me itching to get the next two books right quick. Kyla-Rose is a pretty little psycho, learning alongside her equally messed up cousin, Charlie, in all the ways of leading the family. Kyla-Rose is strong and capable, but is too often babied by her family. She has mostly been raised along with Charlie and other cousins Jacob, Cam, and Eli, by her Uncle Dee. Uncle Dee wants to retire soon, and Kyla-Rose takes the old adage "Anything you can do, I can do better" to the next level. When Kyla-Rose meets the intriguing fighter, Kacey, at cousin Cam's Friday Fight night, and his delicious roommate, Huxley, her life is upended. Kyla-Rose has always kept everyone at a distance outside of her family due to childhood traumas, but Kacey and Huxley are determined to shake that up. They accept her family and role as the up-and-coming leader, and they go out of their way to help her start to taking control of herself as an individual.

This installment is witty, full of non-stop action, the character development is excellent, and the steam/spice on point. KL's depictions of mental health struggles and resulting coping mechanisms is honest and raw. I can't wait to see more of these characters and the direction they take the Swallow family. Character development: 5/5 Dark elements: 5/5 Steamy scenes: 5/5 Overall storyline: 5/5 Triggers: Yes, indeed - murder, torture, self-inflicted trauma

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