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Meet and Greet: Macabre Rose

Holla, and welcome to the wonderful world of Macabre Rose! I'm ridiculously excited for you to be hanging out with me here, and I thought I'd begin my new foray into this website by telling you a bit about myself.


I am a born and bred Midwesterner, right smack in the middle of the United States. I grew up on my family's farm. I was a typical farm girl and learned a lot of lessons in the value of a hard day's work. I am not the athletic sort, so I channeled my talents into all things band, choir, and academics, finishing my high school tenure as a valedictorian. I picked myself out a very expensive and very Catholic private college at which to spend my undergrad years.

After college, I decided that moving back to my little hometown area was just not for me. I had gotten a duel bachelor degree in English Literature and Biology, because, overachiever here 🙋 My intent at that time was to continue on to learn the art of mortuary science. Yes, friends, I had a dream to run a funeral home. By graduation from my undergrad, however, I was unfortunately burnt out on school. I couldn't fathom trying to delve into a Master's degree or continuing onto specialized learning yet. So, logically, I decided becoming a responsible adult would be my next blessing to humanity. I'm now the proud owner of a long-term career at an internationally renowned company. I've moved through the ranks from entry level into a lower level supervisory position, and I'm really not mad about where I'm at in my day job for the moment.

I got myself a nice little family, too. I've been married about as long as I've had that grown-up job to a guy we'll call Victor Creed. Yes, I did ask hubs what he would like his online alter-ego to be called, and he picked Sabretooth.


They have similar features, so I'll allow it. We have spawned a couple minis, a daughter and son who will be referred to as Bug and Nelson, respectively. My kids are cute, but hot damn if they don't have a lot of the devil in them 😒

I am obsessed with dark roast coffee, true crime documentaries, make-up tutorials (special shout out to Bailey Sarian and her Murder Mystery & Makeup YouTube series), dark chocolate, traveling, doing laundry, kombucha, classic rock, and dip powder acrylic nails. I'm a big fan of temperature controlled environments, and I love finding new restaurants to try out. Reading, however, has been my savior.

A few years ago, I had a traumatic experience that completely flipped my life upside down. I started to question my choices and self-worth as a result of attempting to come to terms with handling this experience. I had always loved reading, and when I fell into a fairly intense bout of depression and anxiety, books became a coping mechanism for me. I devoured them at an average of one per day to avoid dealing with the turmoil that was my real life, so a good five or six hours of reading daily. During this time, I stumbled upon the Badlands series from Natalie Bennett, and it was then I fell in love with reading some real effed up shit!

Don't get me wrong, I've always been a fan of the darker side of life. I saw Silence of the Lambs for the first time when I was like 10 or 11, and it instantly became my favorite movie of all time. Victor hates horror movies. He's a rainbows and butterflies type, and it just really makes me sad, but I digress. I had surprisingly never delved much into dark romance, erotic horror, etc, as a reading genre, and once I got through Natalie's backlog, I was hooked. I'm so thankful to be one of her ARC readers now.

Ultimately, this website is my way of turning my love of reading into something a little bigger. While social media is great for connecting, I often feel I can't express my true self due to censorship. I'm not all about getting myself locked in Facebook jail 😂 So, this is my space to put down my NSFW thoughts and dive a little deeper into discussion on all things dark and depraved. I hope you embrace what I'm building here and feel safe to share all your dirty, dirty thoughts with our community, too!

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