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Love in Sight by Denver Rose

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

April was my month of reading engaging debut novels, and this was no exception! Love in Sight was a generally well-crafted reverse harem thriller that had an excellent little twist at the end that sets up the continuing storyline.

Lya is a high-profile part-owner of an established tech-based company. Her fellow owners happen to be her three long-term loves: Rian, Thiago, and Zep. I haven't honestly read a story where the main relationship is already established, so this dynamic was intriguing. It told me right offhand that while the steamy parts of this relationship would be present (hello, Chapter One, I'm looking at you just jumping right on in!), there is a lot more to be shared here. Before long, we add in the next element of this story with the introduction of Greyson, the mysterious business owner of an online dating site called Love in Sight.

I feel like we miss seeing a fair amount of the relationship development amongst Lya, her guys, and Greyson. While we do get some scenes, we jump from them meeting and spending time with Greyson once to them dating for a month. A lot of it just seems to be very tell and not show. In general, overall character development takes a backseat to other elements of the storyline. The suspense/thriller aspect of the storyline is honestly what made the whole plot for me. I'm invested enough to be anxiously awaiting the second book!

The writers recommend going in blind, and I'm glad that is how I usually like to start a book. It helps me to not build up how I think the story should go and just enjoy the ride. Ultimately, I will definitely revisit this book before the second one comes out, and I'm looking forward to seeing where Denver takes these characters.

Disclaimer: One of the co-authors reached out to me to ask if I'd be interested in reading this book and/or adding to my TBR. All opinions are my own honest feelings.

Character development: 3/5

Dark elements: 4/5

Steamy scenes: 4/5

Overall storyline: 3.75/5

Triggers: Definitely

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