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Claiming the Reaper by CA Rene and RE Bond

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Claiming the Reaper is the final installment from the gripping Reaped series, co-written by CA Rene and RE Bond. This series is hilarious, sweet, gory (in the best way), and thrilling, but this final book is the best one yet. These two do an amazing job wrapping this storyline up and giving Selene and her harem a send-off worthy of their over-the-top personalities. This final book starts where we left off, with Selene once again in a bit of a pickle, separated from Zander, Blaze, Santos, and Darius. We get to meet a new character, Pepe, while Selene is being held, and holy wow, I hope this cutie Catholic gets his own story! Fear not, the guys are on the case and get Selene back right quick. The action in this installment is non-stop, and the development of the characters both as individuals and together in the harem is well-crafted. Some new steamy elements are introduced, and the end is beautiful tearjerker of a scene. This might be a horror book, but there is enough heart and romance to keep you rooting for this group of five. Character development: 5/5 Dark elements: 4/5 Steamy scenes: 5/5 Overall storyline: 5/5 Triggers: Yes, indeed - murder, gore, kink/blood play, human trafficking

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