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Chaotic by K.L. Savage

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Installment two of the Ruthless Asylum series by KL Savage made me glad I didn't skip out too soon. I was a bit unsure about how to take LUNATIC when it was all said and done, but CHAOTIC made up for its predecessor's shortcomings.

This book picks right back up where the first left off after getting a glimpse of what shaped Chloe's mental disorder, dissociative identity disorder. Building off the things we've learned about Zain and Chloe in the first book, I think we get a lot better handle on both of these characters through their coping mechanisms with their individual mental health struggles. Chloe's part of the book shows her getting admitted to the asylum as a direct result of her disorder manifesting additional personalities as a buffer for recent events. Unfortunately, she learns firsthand exactly what made Zain hate the asylum so much. Little do they know that Chloe's other personalities aren't just going to sit back and take their abuse.

Zain's piece of this book mostly centers around him attempting to rescue Chloe from the mental health institution he and several friends broke out of in book one. While it was great to see Zain connect more with the Ruthless Kings MC in the form of Tool, the vice president of the Las Vegas chapter, I would have loved to see more of the friends with whom he broke out of the asylum, too. He's not had a great chance to develop true friendships with the other escapees, and now that he's getting this chance, it seems somewhat of a missed opportunity.

Overall, I enjoyed the continued storyline and felt more settled in everything portrayed so far with these characters. Honestly, these books could have easily been incorporated into one for a better overall experience, but maybe KL was trying to mirror the frustrating and dare I say chaotic, nature of these books by making them two separate stories. I'm interested in seeing more of these characters and hope we get to delve into Zipper and Goldie more.

Character development: 3/5

Dark elements: 4/5

Steamy scenes: 4/5

Overall storyline: 3/5

Triggers: Definitely

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