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Apathy by LK Reid

The first installment of LK Reid's new Secrets of Winworth series, Apathy, is everything and more we've come to expect from this author. The twists and sinister vibes of this sleepy, foggy town in the Pacific Northwest jump out of the pages from the prologue and absolutely kept me captivated through the brutal cliffhanger of an ending.

This new series is centered around Skylar, a young, troubled high school senior that is just trying to get through one last year in Winworth. While she comes from one of the town's founding families, and thus, appears to have a charmed life, nothing is as it seems. Skylar has gone through too many challenges in her 17 years, and she uses copious amounts of pills and alcohol in an attempt to get through each day. When the mysterious Ash also begins the new school year along with Skylar and her friends, serious upheaval around town begins to threaten Skylar's escape plans.

Ash is an amazing complex character, and I cannot wait to see how his development plays out over the course of this series. I'm hoping that we get to see more from his immediate family, Uncle Neal and his brother Sebastian. I have a feeling they could be integral to how the overall storyline plays out. Skylar, despite all her faults and troubling life, is a heroine you love right from the start. I felt for her all the way to my bones. I want to help save her and had my heart ripped out several times through this first book, thinking of the pain she was facing. She deserves more, and she has so much potential to rise up against her abusers. I cannot wait to see how she comes out of this cliffy.

Overall, this book was a great vibe and amazing intro to this new series. I cannot wait to see what happens next.

I received a free ARC of this book and am leaving an honest review voluntarily.

Character development: 5/5

Dark elements: 5/5

Steamy scenes: 4/5

Overall storyline: 5/5

Triggers: Yes, indeed - cults, murder, abuse

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