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A Destiny of Carnage by Mallory Fox

A Destiny of Carnage is the final installment in Mallory Fox's A Violent Agenda series. We've been following Viola and her harem ruthless dudes for a bit now, and leaving these characters is a little bittersweet, somewhat still unsettled, but ultimately fulfilling. And as promised, Jude made a spectacular return to help finish out this series.

Viola was taken into custody just as she planned, and she is busy working on convincing the staff at St. Michael's that she is clinically insane so she can get transferred to the more secured part of the facility, the place where the mentally unstable are kept. She knows that is where Jude is hiding and has decided she will not rest or leave until she locates him and they are able to leave together. Dino is missing, Dante up and vanished like he does, and Lorcan is trying to hold everything together on the home front.

Jude is my uncontested favorite of the guys, so I'm extremely happy that he has a large presence in this installment. The poor guy is fairly messed up, though, from his time being held at St. Michael's. This installment also gets back to focusing a bit more on V and the harem, back to her interactions with the group. Book three was very much focused on her family dynamic, and while that is still a large part of how this book plays out, we get back to seeing more of how they move forward in their relationship. Many of the things we learned in the first three books become twisted, and the final wrap-up for Viola is not all that it seems. The only piece that is still dangling for me is her relationship with Dante. The final chapters leave things between these two somewhat ambiguous on how they stand. Overall, this series was fulfilling, giving a great plot to go along with the steam and gore.

Character development: 4/5

Dark elements: 5/5

Steamy scenes: 5/5

Overall storyline: 4.5/5

Triggers: Yes, indeed - graphic violence, drug use, murder

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